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The OS69 is an electrical equivalent to the Wisconsin YJ69 ignition module . . .


Overnight Solutions was founded in late 2002 when I learned that the Wisconsin YJ69 ignition module was NLA. My OEM module had failed in the early 90s, and I had built my own replacement to avoid spending another $80.00.


The original one-off prototype assembly worked for 15 years or so wrapped in duct tape, until I professionally tooled the module you see to the right.


Years later the associated stator went obsolete, so the Wisconsin HET was designed as a total ignition replacement to keep old tractors in service.


The Tecumseh HET is now offered to replace failed 610759/610760 components, and the PointSlayer PTI now does away with the points and condenser in Kohler K-series engines.

Tecumseh 610748 & 610906 now here!


Welcome, and let me know if I can help.


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The TCDI is the first true drop
in replacement for the Tecumseh 610748/610855610906. It sells for $149.95 which includes Priority Mail shipping to the lower 48.

Buy now before the Internet Taxes go into effect and I go out of business.