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Am I a smartass?

Well maybe, but don't be too hasty to judge me...


 My company credo is “If I can’t solve it, it’s not my problem”...   


On the surface that sounds like something that Eddie Haskell might say, but it is honestly meant to be sincere.


As a manufacturer’s representative by day, and a self-taught engineer by night, I won’t take on anything without a great deal of confidence that I can handle it. If I can’t offer you an ignition system that is so simple that a Caveman could do it (sorry Geico), forget about it

Overnight Solutions was founded in late 2002 when I learned that the Wisconsin YJ69 ignition module was NLA. My OEM module had failed in the early 90s, and I had built my own replacement to avoid spending money that I didn't have at the time.


The original one-off prototype assembly worked for 15 years or so wrapped in duct tape, until I professionally tooled the module you see to the right.


Years later the associated stator went obsolete, so the Wisconsin HET was designed as a total ignition replacement to keep old tractors in service.


The Tecumseh HET is now offered to replace failed 610759/610760...


This is the original OS69. The metal case has now been replaced by plastic, but performance is maintained.
What's BRAND NEW for Tecumseh?
Doing a 12V conversion? You need this!
Product Offerings by Make & Part Number
Tecumseh Power Products 610748, 610855 & 610906 replaced by TCDI II 610759 & 610760 combination replaced by Tecumseh HET  
                            Wisconsin YJ69 replaced by OS69 YJ69 & YB83A combination replaced by Wisconsin HET  
                                 Universal Conventional 12V Kettering Ignition Enhanced by the Transdenser II  
                   Kohler K-Series NEW KHET (Kohler hall-effect trigger) Info KHET on K91 Test Stand & in Beta-Site Testing NOW  

Revised September 2020