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Am I a smartass?

Well maybe, but don't be too hasty to judge me...


 My company credo is “If I can’t solve it, it’s not my problem”...   


On the surface that sounds like something that Eddie Haskell might say, but it is honestly meant to be sincere.


As a manufacturer’s representative by day, and a self-taught engineer by night, I won’t take on anything without a great deal of confidence that I can handle it. If I can’t offer you an ignition system that is so simple that a Caveman could do it (sorry Geico), forget about it

Overnight Solutions was founded in late 2002 when I learned that the Wisconsin YJ69 ignition module was NLA. My OEM module had failed in the early 90s, and I had built my own replacement to avoid spending money that I didn't have at the time.


The original one-off prototype assembly worked for 15 years or so wrapped in duct tape, until I professionally tooled the module you see to the right.


Years later the associated stator went obsolete, so the Wisconsin HET was designed as a total ignition replacement to keep old tractors in service.


The Tecumseh HET is now offered to replace failed 610759/610760...


This is the original OS69. The metal case has now been replaced by plastic, but performance is maintained.
Simple 12V conversion for Tecumseh!
GM Based Version
Chrysler Based Version
Product Offerings by Make & Part Number
Tecumseh Power Products 610748, 610855 & 610906 replaced by TCDI II 610759 & 610760 combination replaced by Tecumseh HET  
                            Wisconsin YJ69 replaced by OS69 YJ69 & YB83A combination replaced by Wisconsin HET  
                                 Universal Conventional 12V Kettering Ignition Enhanced by the Transdenser II  
                   Kohler K-Series NEW KHET (Kohler hall-effect trigger) Info KHET on K91 Test Stand & in Beta-Site Testing NOW  

Revised November 2023