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Coming soon to your OH140 & OH160

Original equipment long since NLA are being reborn. The latest pictures of the beta-site units and development are shown below. Contact dale_colvert@yahoo.com to get on the list...

NLA Components 610906 & 610748

Tecumseh CDI Kit

Tecumseh CDI Reverse

Tecumseh CDI Reverse

Stock Appearance

Best of all, no one needs to know…


Tecumseh 610906 & 610748

Date: 3/20/2011

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The stock quick connect terminal is
reused, shown above on the right...

Designed with individual components for ease of repair if need be - See application notes below for fit





Remanufactured 610965 Assembly

The Tecumseh CDI replacement differs from the 610748 & 610906 in another important regard. The stock components will operate from AC or negative only voltage input. My replacement will operate from either AC or positive only voltage. 10A or 20A stators produce AC non-rectified voltage, so these work perfectly.


Engines equipped with a 610965 charge coil are reverse biased rectified and provide negative voltage, therefore must be modified to work with this replacement. Having learned of this anomoly some time ago, I worked with one of my suppliers to wind a replacement coil assembly without diodes employed, so the output is AC.


Application considerations: Asside from the electrical deviation above, the Tecumseh CDI is a drop in replacement for the OEM 610748 and 610906 in all OH140/OH160 applications. In L-head/Flat-head fit issues have been reported for some makes, however John Deere seems to be immune. Minor modifications made by the customer allowed sucessful results to be achieved. If I had a flat-head platform, I could elaborate.

 I would urge you to call if you have questions.


If you take a hard look, you will notice a PCBA, Magnetic Pick-up Coil and Ignition Coil all independently serviceable—that is not an accident. The original one-piece design left you holding the bag if any of the “components” went south.  I can honestly say that all of the these components will be readily available and relatively inexpensive so long as I am alive -  You had better hope I don’t step off a curb...